Best Waxing Products for Beginners

Best Waxing Products

Most spa/salon can probably handle using leg waxing products for hair removal on less sensitive areas of the body such as the legs, thighs, chest and back. However, for more detailed information on the best waxing products and procedures for bikini, Brazilian or eyebrow waxing, or other procedures that can cause greater skin discomfort. Gentle products such as Epillyss Wax and the Amber brand represent a huge step forward in waxing comfort, but there is additional advice to offer clients to help them further reduce pain.

Advise clients not to tense up the body, since this will reduce pain or the perception of discomfort. Relaxing before a waxing with a glass of wine might seem like just the luxurious indulgence a clients need to unwind, but advise them to steer clear of alcohol; even a drink or two can make a client much more sensitive to sensations on the skin. Let customers know not to apply any product or technique that could tighten pores. That means avoiding toners or astringents, or using ice to numb the area. Advise them that tightening the pores causes the skin to grip hair follicles more tightly, making for painful and less effective hair removal.

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Epillyss Wax

Epillyss Wax

One last word about waxing don'ts: Don't use waxes on areas of the body where they weren't intended for use, or use them inappropriately. Even the best waxing products can't protect from misuse. The Spa Exchange can offer some guidance in this area: Our Epillyss Wax and Amber Wax product descriptions should help professional consumers sort out the most appropriate uses for each product.

Leg Waxing Products

Now that you have identified the right wax, be sure to stock up on additional supplies you'll need for the smoothest results. Leg waxing products such as wax heaters, strips, dispensing pumps and more are available in one convenient place: The Spa Exchange.